Lori Wortz and Fred Wszolek lead the team at StrategyWorks. We didn’t start in this field as practitioners of some narrow specialty. We started as generalists who saw how all the pieces came together. We later became specialists, but we kept our knack for strategy.

We’ve been involved in campaigns at all levels, for candidates, constitutional amendments and big fights over issues in Congress and the Legislatures. We’ve worked in the legislative branch, the executive branch, the private sector.

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Lori Wortz


Lori has worked on campaigns at every level since entering the political arena during the 1988 Presidential campaign. While Lori got her start in grassroots organizing, she has distinguished herself as a key strategic advisor to statewide candidate and issue campaigns. She is recognized as a prominent figure in Michigan politics.

From 1990-1998, Lori worked as Chief of Staff in the Michigan Senate for the Senate Majority Leader. She directly participated in key policy debates, including property tax reform, school funding reform, charter school legislation, energy and telecommunication deregulation, welfare reform and changes in the unemployment compensation system.

In 1998, Lori left the Michigan Senate to become an issue and candidate campaign consultant. Since that time, Lori has successfully worked on statewide campaigns for issues involving gaming, eminent domain, conservation, right to work, energy regulation and more. In addition to the coalitions and issue work, Lori has served as strategist and consultant to state parties, candidate campaigns and legislative caucuses.

Lori is very involved in foundation and community volunteer work, serving on various boards. Lori was appointed to chair the Michigan Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board in 2011 by then Governor Rick Snyder. Reappointed to a second term, Lori continues to play and active role with their efforts. She lives in Okemos, Michigan with her husband. They have four children.


Fred Wszolek

Fred works with clients to define the strategies and messages that will ensure victory. He brings more than three decades of political experience to his work. From campaign manager in the field to media producer in the studio, Fred has been involved in winning political and issue campaigns since 1984.

Fred is an innovator in politics. Working with a team of nationally recognized pollsters, Fred helped develop MicroTargeting, the first “Big Data” targeting and market segmentation tools available to Republican campaigns in America. In 2002, Campaigns & Elections magazine named Fred one of the Rising Stars of Politics.

Fred's broadcast advertising work for candidates and ballot proposals has been recognized with numerous Pollie, Telly and Communicator Awards.

Fred has developed a particular specialty in the passage and defeat of ballot proposals, where he has developed a unique public opinion research methodology for determining what messages will push voters to cast their votes for or against the huge number of direct democracy proposals that are appearing on ballots in many states.


Patrick Meyers

Patrick focuses on candidate campaigns, ballot proposal efforts, project management and research in addition to overseeing many issue management and grassroots projects involving a range of issues including healthcare, transportation, retail, wind energy, oil and gas, and casino gaming, at the Federal, state, and local levels.

Patrick cut his teeth in politics in the state legislature. His 10 years with the State House allowed him to build a diverse resume both in policy work and in campaign tactics. He has extensive background in campaign management, opposition research, fundraising, and development and implementation of legislative agendas.

In 2009, Patrick left the legislature and joined the Michigan Republican Party as their first Legislative Liaison. In this role he coordinated candidate recruitment, campaign strategy, and grassroots efforts between the Party and the State House and Senate. In 2010, he took over the position of Director of the House Republican Campaign Committee. This gave him the opportunity to oversee a multi-million dollar statewide campaign. .

Patrick lives in Mason, Michigan with his wife and two daughters.