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The Days of the Seinfeld Campaign Are Over

Seinfeld was famously known as the “Show about Nothing.” It was one of the top shows on broadcast television for nine years. And that’s the good news.

The bad news is that Seinfeld’s 180 episodes, and 180 million reruns, seem to have inspired many of our country’s political campaigns and policy debates...campaigns about nothing. No big ideas. No coherent strategies. Just a grab-bag of gimmicks, gotchas and goofy television spots that persuade no one.

Well with apologies to George Costanza, the 90s called, and they want their campaigns back!

Voters and consumers aren’t buying it anymore. They’re too smart. They’ve seen it all. And they have access to too much information to fall for empty rhetoric and substance-free campaigns. It just doesn’t work.

What works is campaigns with big ideas, based on solid strategies, driven by data and executed with creativity. That’s how we’ve won campaigns for candidates, ballot proposals, and issue fights in Washington and in state Capitols.

Call us. Let’s find the big idea. Let’s develop the right strategy. And let’s get to work.